Floor scrubbers: More important to your facility than you think

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Sure, they don’t seem exciting.
But floor scrubbers can deliver a fantastic ROI.

If you’re like most businesses and organizations right now, you’ve been spending a lot of time focused on the ‘disinfecting’ part of cleaning: Sprays, liquids, wipes, masks – all the obvious tools to help prevent or reduce the spread of coronavirus in your facilities.

But ‘clean’ isn’t just making sure that your touchscreens are disinfected regularly or that your people are wearing the right masks. There’s evidence to show that coronavirus can be spread by shoes on floors, and that traditional floor mopping can actually spread the virus around. And of course most facilities managers have known for a long time that well-maintained floors last longer, help increase customer spend, and reduce tenant turnover in commercial and multi-family residential buildings.

That’s where floor scrubbers come in.

Floor scrubbers make sense.

We know that floor scrubbers can seem like a big investment for some organizations. But here’s why they deliver a better ROI than you might realize:

  • They use less water and cleaning product than traditional mopping
  • Floors take less time to dry after being scrubbed, meaning less risk of slip & falls
  • Scrubbers are more efficient at removing stubborn, greasy soils, so require fewer person-hours to achieve the same result
  • Studies show that clean floors have a positive effect on revenue and recruiting
  • Properly cleaned floors last longer, meaning reduced capital costs
  • Risk of viral transmission is reduced

Floor scrubbers don’t have to be expensive.

We have a wide variety of walk-behind and rider floor scrubbers, from a number of different manufacturers – and most are up to 30% off list prices.

Want to know more about how a floor scrubber could help deliver a demonstrable ROI – not to mention peace of mind – to your facility? Get in touch – we’d be happy to help you learn about your options.


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