Have you really considered the ROI of cleaner facilities?

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Stop thinking of janitorial supplies and equipment as an expense. Start thinking of it as an investment.

Keeping your business facilities clean is much more than a “nice to have.” A clean facility has a direct ROI, meaning that investing in keeping your business facility clean can save you money. We came across this infographic from ISSA the other day and realized that it addresses an issue that we think about all the time – but which most businesses don’t stop to consider.

Janitorial and sanitation supplies and equipment, especially in offices and retail facilities, are often thought of as nothing more than a necessary expense. Most people understand that offices need to be relatively clean and presentable for employees, customers and other stakeholders.  But do you really understand the effect cleanliness has on the success of your business? For too many business owners, cleaning is the last thing on their mind. However, cleaning and sanitation supplies should be thought of as a direct contributor to the bottom line! Cleaner facilities mean fewer sick days, increased productivity, and even increased sales.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the data:

Why a cleaner facility is important


So, what did we learn about having a clean facility?

1. Unplanned absences cost your business money

When germs & bacteria are allowed to spread in your facility, people can get sick. When people get sick they miss work! These unplanned absences can dramatically reduce productivity, sales, and customer service

2. Cleaning keeps customers happy

Cleanliness was ranked as the most important element by business customers. Keep your facilities clean to keep your customers and your business happy.

3. Clean businesses are productive businesses

On average, keeping a clean business free of germs & bacteria can lead to a 2-8% productivity gain leading to substantial savings.


When it comes to keeping a clean facility, your business can’t afford to let germs and bacteria cut in to your profits. Make sure you know the Top 10 Office Locations to focus your cleaning efforts and have given your employees the proper training to keep facilities safe and clean.

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