When was the last time you disinfected your phone?

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You know your hands can be vectors for the virus.
That means your phone, laptop and other gadgets can, too.

The other day we talked about how important it is to ensure that the touchscreens in your facility are cleaned on a more regular basis, because they can be vectors of infectious disease. And that’s true.

But there are other touchscreens you’re interacting with more often: The ones on your phone, tablet and laptop. And while you’re probably the only one using those touchscreens on a daily basis, the truth is that your hands are touching a lot of other surfaces from hour to hour, and you know you aren’t using hand sanitizer every time you, say, eat lunch and then use your phone. (And let’s not even get started on what’s on your keyboard.)

In the past year, we’ve all learned a lot about the importance of keeping our hands clean, and most of us are better than we used to be about washing and sanitizing our hands more often. But our phones, our laptops, our headphones – most of us are using these things so often that they become an extension of ourselves, and need to be disinfected and sanitized, too.

(Also, if you have employees working remotely, or working in a hybrid model, you should consider providing them with disinfecting kits for their home office. Air sprays, computer cleaning wipes, fast-drying alcohol-based cleaners and other products stand a better chance of being used regularly when they’re sitting on everyone’s desk, both at home and at the office.)


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